Wednesday, February 15, 2006

1, 2, 3, 4

Four jobs:
1. dishwasher for reputed Scientologists
2. receptionist/profile writer for gay men’s dating service
3. TV watcher at press clipping agency
4. letterpress printing instructor

Four movies:
1. Rushmore (We saw this on our wedding day, and have watched it every anniversary since.)
2. Caro Diario
3. Amélie
4. The Last Days of Chez Nous

Four home cities:
1. San Francisco, CA (Mission District, Castro)
2. New York, NY (East Village, East Harlem, West Harlem)
3. Northeast Ohio (Cleveland, Oberlin)
4. Melbourne, Australia (as an adult: Fitzroy, Carlton, Richmond)

Four TV shows:
1. Six Feet Under
2. Newsroom
3. The Office
4. This American Life (not actually a TV show yet, but has the green light from Showtime.)

Four holiday places:
1. Lisbon/Madrid/Andorra
2. Magnetic Island
3. Cape Cod
4. Anglesea

Four foods:
1. Japanese squid pickle salad
2. Isaac’s Indian spiced cauliflower & potato
3. passionfruit
4. sourdough bread

Four daily sites:
1. Bloglines
2. Google
3. New York Times
4. A handful of my imaginary Blogroll friends

Four happy places:
1. In Once Upon a Tart, after shopping at Purl
2. Working in my studio
3. On Ballston beach, reading in my sun tent
4. Swing dancing

Tagging Almendro (if she wants to.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yummy -- cauliflower and potato!

7:02 AM  
Blogger mipmup. said...

"dishwasher for reputed Scientologists."

any weird stories? did they attempt to e-meter you?

4:04 AM  

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