Thursday, March 22, 2007

First day of autumn + one

Yesterday was the first day of autumn in the southern hemisphere. Curiously, Australians tend to mark the beginnings of seasons on the first of the month: March 1, June 1, September 1, December 1. I think this quirk exacerbates fears of climate change (not that we don’t have enough evidence of change already.) The beginning of March was most definitely late summer: brutally hot in parts, the days still long, none of that elusive coolness on the underside of the breeze. Admittedly, leaves have been falling for weeks now, but that’s mainly a sad fact of drought.

The last few days feel different. We had some rain Tuesday morning. In semi-darkness at the market, there was a gentle percussion overhead and you could be excused of fancying you were in another time, a time before grey water systems became dinner party conversation and before the agonies of bucket back.

I bought the postcard on the left at Zakkaya the other day to mark the season. I was happy to receive another by the same artist days later: I will investigate their provenance. I’ve been struck yet again by a desire for the Campers on the right. I encouraged their purchase weeks back by my cousin, who in looking for reassurance that she shouldn’t spend the money, looked to exactly the wrong person: Did you see the grass shoes? I blurted when she admitted to visiting the store. I’ve tried them on twice since. I have two ongoing Camper regrets: the red button, needle and thread flats, and some flowery, high-heeled sandals, both of a couple of years back. Should I buy them? Can I invoke the no open-toed shoes rule at my new workplace as justification? Advice especially welcome from Lucy Tartan and the Lobster Quadrille.