Saturday, July 02, 2005

False Entrelacs

Begun in honour of the 2005 Melbourne Scarf Festival. Deceptively simple, I'm quite certain that I made a mistake way back in the final row of the first increase section. Can you see it?

Here is my quandry: do I frog back, or continue on? This question has dogged me all week, but instead of putting the work down while pondering my options, I've continued to knit on pending a decision. Which, in fact, may BE the decision: the more I knit, the less likely I'll want to rip back. Perhaps my hands have already decided, but my brain hasn't signed off on it yet.

The yarn is Baby Alpaca from Plymouth Yarns Colour #1390. I bought this yarn in 2002 at Northampton Wools in upstate New York. The scarf in the store was knitted in Grignasco Top Print, but the yarn was sold out. The man minding the store didn't think there was a pattern available, so I drew a diagram on the back of a piece of scrap paper. Time went on, with the intended yarn maturing in my stash. By now, I had only a vague memory of the pattern and my diagram was long lost. I became convinced that the technique used was entrelac and made vague attempts to find out how to do it. Then my diagram reappeared during our move, and a phone call to the store confirmed that a pattern did indeed exist. Inspired by the Festival and the chilliness of our new house, I decided to knit it up quickly, virtuous in the fact that no new yarn needed to be purchased (although a new set of Addi Turbos was required.)

Then the problem. By now, this mis-knit row has become a real crisis of character. Am I a person who can accept a flaw that has no overall impact on either function or beauty? Can I get with the wabi-sabi of life? Or will I finally frog back, unable to bear it a second longer, struggling for ever-elusive perfection? The smart money is on the latter, but I'd so like to be that other person that I might just surprise myself and knit on.


Blogger Donna (Random Knits) said...

I can't see it. Honestly, I've looked and can't find it. But if it's eating you that badly, frog it.


10:44 AM  

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