Monday, July 11, 2005


No photographs, because it was dark and crowded inside the Federation Square carpark yesterday and, due to rising claustrophobia, I forgot. The ReadyMade Market is part of this week's Melbourne Design Festival, and I was interested to see who might be there. I found it to be a strange mix of retailers alongside small, independent makers. Kind of a cross between the International Contemporary Furniture Fair and Renegade.

The space was cramped and bottlenecks slowed the flow of traffic. I know I gave up a number of times, and although I'm sure a crowd augers well for sales, pushing and shoving do not. I took a number of stallholders business cards for future reference and will stop by some of the retail outlets.

I liked Succulent Designs sunhats.

The Hamb story is a very sad one, but has resulted in some lovely t-shirts.

I will be making an appointment to visit Luna Gallery's showroom to see more of their lovely knitted things, particularly since they are right around the corner.

Later this week, I will attend Character, a public debate on Melbourne's typographic presence, and will wish I'd known about this competition in time to enter.


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