Saturday, August 27, 2005

Slade Knitwear

Slade Knitwear

Still no scanner, and I have new Japanese craft books to share. Full of inspiration, I’m very excited about upcoming Back-Tack II. I was one of the annoying ones writing to ask, Did I get in? Did I? acting as if the Back-Tack Corporation is manned 24 hours a day by customer service providers ready to take my call. I am, however, ready to take their call (or e-mail) anytime.

One of the joys of my new neighbourhood are its old signs. Above will be the first in an ongoing, occasional series of typographically significant signs in Melbourne (generally), Richmond (in particular) and Cremorne (especially). The Slade Knitwear sign is in the shadow of the more famous Nylex sign (images forthcoming.) It’s easy to get lost driving in Cremorne, with its narrow one-way streets and the bisecting railway line. I like to imagine frustrated drivers searching for Church Street, turning into Dover and exclaiming, Crikey! For the typographically minded, of particular interest is the fact that “Knitwear” is a perfect script, but “Slade” is not. (For a more illustrative shot, click here.)


Blogger kath red said...

do love all that old fashioned sign writing.

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