Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lack of Oxygen to the Brain

My first mistake was to work on Kate’s Backyard Leaves at Vicroads, waiting to exchange my Ohio driving license for a Victorian one. I was halfway through the last repeat when I realised I’d messed up, most likely around the time when The Bold & The Beautiful started playing on the overhead TV, and I was concentrating on not missing my number on the digital display.

Later, in the emergency room, the doctor asks if I’ve been sick recently. Yes, I have, I answer, oxygen mask strapped to my face, nebulised Ventolin swirling around my head. I’ve had a cold, or something, for more than a week, and my chest aches from coughing. But I haven’t had severe asthma in a really long time, and I thought perhaps that I might’ve grown out of it. Anything else that could have brought this on? he asks. Food? Stress?

Yes, I answer, far too urgently: I have STRESS. I’ve had to rip back. I’ve lost my place on my chart and possibly two stitches. I had to put it down to come in here. I can breathe now, thank you, but can anyone help me with this?


Blogger Di said...

If you weren't so sick it would be very very funny. As it is it's very funny. Sorry to hear you've been so sick- there's some nasty bugs going around out there at the moment... take care!

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm wondering what you would have done if they'd said 'yes, actually, I can help you.....'

Great post :)

5:26 PM  
Blogger kris said...

i can assure you we never meant for syno to send anyone to the emergency room!

hope you're feeling better! take care!

10:02 PM  
Blogger K8 said...

oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that! I never meant for the scarf to be a cause for stress! Hope you're feeling better

7:38 AM  

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