Wednesday, September 14, 2005

101 Things


Like Erin, I wasn’t able to quite keep to the letter of this assignment, hence 101 things I like (in no particular order.)

1. Turtleneck sweaters 2. The sparkle of mica in a footpath 3. Painted toenails 4. Red shoes 5. Fragrant trees 6. Mechanical pencils 7. Wooden toys 8. Typewriters 9. A well-made bed 10. Receiving a handwritten letter 11. Photobooth strips 12. Notebooks with elastic closures 13. Small books (but not miniature) 14. Swimming naked 15. Freesias 16. Flea markets 17. The light diffused through Japanese paper lamps 18. Hilly cities 19. Trams 20. Making soup 21. Having my expectations exceeded 22. A good haircut 23. Passing someone in the street who shares a distinctive smell with someone who is (or was) important to you 24. Light-filled rooms 25. Wood stoves 26. Burritos 27. Japanese craft books 28. Curly hair 29. When a man touches you on the small of your back as he leans in to listen 30. Sleeping on the beach (in the shade) 31. Flake chocolate bars 32. Reading in bed 33. Isaac’s dressing gown 34. Line-dried clothes & towels 35. Swing dancing 36. Radio documentaries 37. Bibimbop & beer 38. Platform sandals 39. Birthday surprises 40. Finding that a film you really want to see is playing on your flight 41. Skinny mirrors 42. Lobster rolls 43. Christmas Day 44. Hankerchiefs 45. White sheets & towels 46. Early 1970’s Dodge Darts 47. Hobbyists 48. Cats who behave like dogs 49. Lollies that come in tins 50. Men with hobbies 51. Unexpected mail 52. Mother-of-pearl buttons 53. Open fires 54. Giant bonfires 55. Harvest moons 56. Polite children (and cheeky ones too) 57. Waking before the alarm rings 58. Bond’s girls’ singlets 59. Flying dreams 60. Letterpress stationery 61. Christmas tree lights 62. Thermal underwear 63. Sliced cucumber in iced water 64. Refectory tables 65. Iced plum tea 66. Stripey socks 67. Brightly-coloured coat linings 68. Daylight savings 69. The extra hour when daylight savings ends 70. Clothes cut on the bias 71. Passionfruit 72. Things that smell like grapefruit 73. The feeling after a teeth cleaning 74. When someone clearly loves a gift 75. Crossing everything off a To Do list 76. Finding money on the pocket of something you haven’t worn in a while 77. A gap between someone’s two front teeth 78. The way Grenadine sinks & diffuses in a drink 79. Lightning 80. Fireflies 81. Streets over which trees have formed a canopy 82. Wild hedges 83. Looking into lit rooms from the outside at night 84. The string machine used to tie up cake boxes in bakeries 85. Dreams in which I can still perform gymnastic feats 86. Bamboo knitting needles 87. Cold leftovers (not all, but most.) 88. Finding something you thought lost 89. Riding a bike 90. The number seven 91. Matte book jackets 92. The birdcall of the currawong 93. A perfectly-sized wallet/purse/bag (not too big, not too small) 94. Grosgrain ribbon 95. The remnants of painted signs on brick walls 96. The blue wave of flame when you light the broiler 97. Larkin desks 98. Eavesdropping 99. The feeling you have walking in regular shoes after iceskating 100. Long train trips 101. Fiat Cinquecentos.

For Miranda July fans: her blog.


Blogger Justin said...

95. is one of my favourites too. Melbourne is a good city to see them. I especially love the ones in Carlisle St Balaclava. Well the ones that used to be there when I lived down that way.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Suse said...

Ooh just found your blog and saw the Fiat Cinquecentos, but I thought they were called Fiat Bambinos.

I'm a Melbourne girl too, love bamboo needles, the street NEXT to mine has a tree canopy, adore currawongs, painted toenails (pale colours only though), wooden toys, cats that behave like dogs (Burmese usually), trams, soup, Camberwell Market and heaps heaps more from your list. There's a list of 25 things on my blog somewhere - I couldn't face 101!!

Off to explore the rest of your blog.

8:02 PM  

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