Thursday, October 06, 2005

Was that a cough?

If you are anything like me, you have bird flu pandemic on the brain.

Naomi Ito, designer of the lovely nani IRO range of fabrics, sees no reason not to be both crafty and stylish in the face of medical emergency. This strange spread is from this lovely book (ISBN 4141878871) of nani IRO projects: dresses, aprons, bags, toys and more (does your dog need a quilted coat?)

I bought this book at Kinokuniya before I knew about the nani IRO range, and not long after SARS broke out. Since then, I’ve admired Hillary’s gorgeous kimono quilt, which features my favourite Nani Iro panel, and have been unsuccessful in working out how to order from Cotton Bow-wow. Which is just as well, I guess. There’ll be no stopping me once I figure out how to order this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've ordered through Cotton Bow Wow - long, hard, you need someone who speaks excellent japanese as the order is done via email, and it's expensive as it's all done through bank transfers and you get socked every step for charges. Allow about $40 just for charges! You'd need to really want the material, or be buying a large amount (I was with a friend)).
BUT, having said all that. It. Is. THE. Most. Beautiful. Collection. Of. Fabric. I keep using only small small small pieces for things and hoping a magic friend in Tokyo will appear....

7:38 AM  

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